Rabbi Lau in French Secular School


Of course, Rabbi Lau wasn’t physically present in my classroom this morning but the words he spoke in the video we watched seem to have made quite an impact on my students.

Thanks to Jew Wishes, who provided the link in a blog post, I read a wonderful and poignant article about Rabbi Lau and the Russian teenager who helped him survive in the Buchenwald slave labor camp.

On Tuesday mornings I have a group of four students. They are part of a larger class whom I meet twice a week but get an extra hour since they are preparing an oral exam and not a written one.

The idea is to provide them with extra material, vocabulary and cultural information on the topics we study with the class as a whole. I had already given the article to read (along with a few vocabulary exercises and questions) to my students and thought this small group would enjoy watching a video for a change.

The video can be seen on the Aish website – it is also possible to download it. Rabbi Lau speaks in Hebrew but there are English subtitles, which was nice for my students as two of them don’t feel very comfortable with English.

So the students watched it and took notes. I then asked them what they had understood before we watched it more carefully a second time. When we stopped it was obvious that they had been impressed by Rabbi Lau’s personal story, inspiring words and personality.


9 thoughts on “Rabbi Lau in French Secular School

  1. I will have to watch the video when the rest of my family is awake and out of the house.

    I cannot even begin to imagine a teacher showing a video from Aish in a U.S. public school. Wow, would that be controversial.

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