Getting Ready To Leave


We are about to leave Sweden after a day in Stockholm tomorrow. The students seem very happy with the exchange, which is very rewarding for their teachers. One girl went as far as saying that this was the best exchange she had been on (she said it was her sixth!).

Two out of the three collegues who take part in the exchange on this side have been to Israel. One English colleague my age even met his Swedish wife in a kibbutz near Eilat – where they were both working – 25 years ago.

While here I ate a lovely feta cheese and dill pie and will try to post the recipe next week; hopefully with a photo if I make it for us too.

When we get back Rosh Hashanah will only be hours away so I will need to be extremely organized. Some stuff (challot for instance) are already in the freezer ready to be defrosted. I have scheduled a dish of salmon, orange and honey as well as chicken. I hope to be able to make a cake.


20 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Leave

  1. The photograph is beautiful, so classic, so serene.

    I am glad that the experience was a positive one for the students.

    I can’t wait to see that recipe!

    • There was a women’s beach below so I guess someone left her bike and went for a swim. We swam in the North Sea during the weekend. Cold but great!
      Thanks for the encouragement about my organization. I’ll need it.

  2. Beautiful photo – it’s given me some ideas for when I stop at the end of one of my bike rides, before coming home 🙂

    Your food plans sound scrumptious – I’m sure you will get everything done in time. We have been invited to a friend’s for dinner after Havdalah on Rosh HaShana and will be having a Chavura lunch in shul after our morning service. Which reminds me, I must organise my contribution to that!

    Have a safe journey back.

    • A women’s beach? I didn’t realize that there were separate beaches outside of Israel.
      Yes, there are but not for the same reasons. Some people like to bathe nude that’s why the beaches are separated. You don’t have to of course and when we went we all had our swimming costumes on!

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  4. Ilana,
    my daughter and her husband, both live in Sweden with their three children, met in Nir Oz, a kibbutz in southern Israel. It is located in the northwestern Negev desert between Magen and Nirim. Founded on October 1, 1955 as a Nahal settlement, it was recognized as a kibbutz two months later.
    Due to its proximity to Gaza, Nir Oz farmers often come under Palestinian sniper fire.

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