Sweden – Day 2


Swedish students are more autonomous than French students. My colleagues and I are not sure why but it is a fact. As a result we were student-free today as they were being taken care of by their Swedish counterparts who guided them through the town in the morning and took them to activities for the Swedish freshmen in the afternoon.

I went to two lessons with my Swedsih colleague this morning and marveled at the way her students speak English. They are more confident than most French pupils, speak freely in English when asked to work in pairs and are also much more fluent than the teenagers who are currently part of the exchange – although the latter are quit emotivated by languages.

In the afternoon we visited an exibition by the American artist Jim Dine whose nine-meter statue of Pinocchio stands in the middle of Borås, the city where we have the exchange. The exhibition was about Jim Dine’s obsession with the Italian puppet and featured the numerous statues he has made.

2 thoughts on “Sweden – Day 2

  1. I remember that scene from Pinocchio. Those two scoundrels are trying to get him to do the wrong thing. Hope none of your students fall into their evil clutches! That’s what I thought of when you said students who aren’t used to being free are set free. Sometimes freedom can be confusing.

    Good to hear from you.

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