Thursday (Quick) Musings


– I am currently reading Beyond Survival by Shimon Apisdorf with a view to preparing for Rosh Hashanah. It is a useful ressource but I am reading it slowly because I spend a lot of time working for school at the moment.

– Claude Lanzman, the French filmmaker who made the film Shoah, recently published his memoirs. A colleague has just lent me the book and I hope to start reading it soon.

– My brother went back to Honk Kong last Sunday but his wife and daughters are still in France. I saw them again yesterday. My two-year old niece loves looking at photos and books. She is such a lively and cheerful little girl. that it is always a pleasure to see her.

– Last but not least: I am meeting my first class today, three hours in a row. Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Thursday (Quick) Musings

  1. I am currently reading Claude Lanzmann’s memoirs, “Le lievre de Patagonie”, and, like the book “Une Resistance Juive” about which you wrote recently, I heard about it when the author was interviewed on Maison d’Etudes. It really is not to be missed, and I just hope that an English translation arrives quickly so that I can recommend it to non-French readers.

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