Back to Work


Finally, after six weeks of sick leave, one week of teaching in mid-June and two weeks of marking exams and attending exam meetings in late June and July, I am back to work.

I have only four classes this year – as opposed to six last year – but two are completely new.

I have a class of 10th graders whose first foreign language is German (in France the most common choice is English) and a similar group of 12th graders. My new classes are two large groups to whom I’ll be teaching Business English.

This is both exciting and daunting. Exciting since it will be something new and daunting because Business English is totally new to me. These students are also older, more like college age. They are preparing a two-year degree after the baccalauréat (the French school-leaving exam). In addition, English isn’t usually their strongest subject.

Obviously I have had to spend more time working recently (and I haven’t finished yet) hence the extra-light blogging activity. I still hope to put up a parshah post tomorrow or Thursday.


12 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. I am wondering what Business English is. Is it how to write a business letter, for example? Seems like knowing what LOL, FAQ and IIRC might be useful “English” these days.

    Good luck with school; hope to keep up with my “blogging reading” in my own life.

    • Yes, the students learn to understand texts dealing with business and have to be able to perform some tasks in English such as applying for a job, writing an email or a memo. They also need to be able to understand oral English.

  2. Good luck with the new school year and the new challenges!

    Are all four classes in the same school? Even the older students?

    I’ve also been having a very busy work week (B”H). There’s a whole list of things that have to be finished before Rosh Hashanah.

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