Not Juliet’s Balcony




Although these shots were taken in Verona none features Juliet’s balcony which is plain and not decorated by flowers.

For more flowers from around the globe, visit Today’s Flowers.

LOGO TODA'Y 02.jpg

18 thoughts on “Not Juliet’s Balcony

  1. The pictures are beautiful.
    I’ve heard that there is a particular balcony in Verona which is considered to be Juliet’s balcony, and that over the years, many lovers have left graffiti messages for their sweethearts on the walls of the building.

  2. So nice all these balconies plenty of flowers.
    Evry time, when I see your name IlaNa I have a special feeling.
    I changed my last name when I got marred, and it’s begining with the letter N, before my girlname-familyname was IlaMa.
    I quess Ilana is yout first name.

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