10 Reasons To Visit Italy


– It is a beautiful country. Whatever the sort of scenery you enjoy, you’ll find something to please you: there are mountains, hills, beaches and lakes.

– The museums and art exhibitions are well worth a visit. There are also palaces, gardens, arenas, Roman theaters, churches (for those of you who visit them) and beautiful town squares.

– It is sunny all summer. So if you are tired of your wet and damp climate, Italy is a fine choice.

– The coffee is wonderful.

– The prices are quite reasonable.

– A lot of Italians speak English; Besides if you have done French or Latin at school, there are lots of words you’ll recognize.

– Smoking is now forbidden in restaurants, bars and caffés.

– Despite what people say about Italy, it is clean.

– Because of the warm weather in summer, it is more or less possible to eat salads most of the time so, even if your level of kashrut is quite strict, you can manage in most places. I plan to write to write a post about keeping kosher while traveling and staying in self-catering places later during the week.

– Last, but not least, there is Internet access almost everywhere.

19 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Visit Italy

  1. I don’t know about the coffee in Italy, but I don’t think the coffee in Israel is wonderful. But there are churches and Roman theaters in Israel!

    One of these days, we are going to Italy. I would love to see the hillside scenery and the town squares.

    • I do not much care for churches myself (I mentioned them because there are so many and as some of my readers might be interested) but I love all the rest. We are in the North at the moment but there are plenty of other places I’d also like to see such as Tuscany. The owner of the flat says the extreme South East is stunning.

  2. These are great reasons. My sister lives in Italy, just South of Milano. It is quite hot and humid there in the summer. She often goes to the mountains or sea to escape. I have not been for a long time. I remember never being able to escape cigarette smoke. Has this changed? Amazing that there is internet everywhere, I guess this is the way the world is now.

  3. Italy sounds like a wonderful place to visit, thanks Ilanadavita. I would be interested in reading your experience with keeping kosher while traveling. This is an area of constant struggle for me even when eating out at home.

    • I’ll do my best and write it as soon as possible. However you’ll have to keep in mind that I am not a rabbinical authority and that different people advocate different levels of kashrut.

  4. I visited Italy years ago and agree with you about what a great place to visit it is. You failed to mention how friendly and open to tourists the people are there. Now that it’s much, much closer I hope to get back there with my husband one of these days.

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