Photoshop Art in Italy


The poster on the wall advertizes an art exhibition that is currently on in Verona. Maggie Taylor is an American digital image artist and photographer who uses Photoshop to create prints.

Maggie Taylor used to be a still-life photographer who created collages by physically laying out her compositions and then capturing them on film. She then discovered digital photography and how images could be transformed and enriched thanks to Photoshop, a technique she has used since 1996.

Maggie Taylor combines her own snapshots, 19th-century daguerreotypes and objects she has scanned. She then colorizes her prints with Photoshop.

Most of her prints are square. She explains that this format imposed itself upon her when she started using a computer. As she likes to have her palette on the right when processing images, the space that is left for her to work on is square.

Although a little worrying sometimes, Maggie Taylor’s prints convey a dreamlike world that is reminiscent of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a book she loves and which inspired her a whole series of surrealistic images.

5 thoughts on “Photoshop Art in Italy

  1. Oh, I must have been very focused on other things on Sat. nite! Thanks for pointing out this post. Love the rabbit; I’ll be checking out her other work, too.

    • It is a bit weird sometimes but Maggie Taylor’s approach and technique are interesting. What you did with these photos reminded me of her, except your daughter’s friend isn’t as stiff as the kids in the photos she uses.

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