Mesorah Project Round Up


Thanks to Raizy, Rachel, Mrs. S., Shimshonit and Michael for having made this project a success through your wonderful contributions. It has been an honor to host your posts.

The painting above was done by Leora who kindly allowed me to use it to conclude this project. When I first saw it over a year ago I found it both beautiful and moving. I also find that it evokes one aspect of Mesorah: the passing on of Judaism from one generation to the next. You might enjoy reading what Leora wrote about her painting.

Mesorah Project I

Mesorah Project II

Mesorah Project III

Mesorah Project IV

Mesorah Project V

12 thoughts on “Mesorah Project Round Up

  1. Thank you so much for including my painting with your post of Mesorah. As I wrote to you in email, I started writing one then crossed it out too many times. I probably would have said something about nigunim, tunes that are passed down. And recipes, too. I have some not so great memories of how I was taught, but I’m not ready to express those in words.

    I’ve enjoyed all five installments. Thank you, Raizy, Rachel, Shimshonit, Mrs. S. and Michael.

  2. Leora: that is a great painting, I can imagine the tzizis taking a long time to do.

    Ilana Davita: Thanks for the project, it’s such a wonderful idea and I’ve enjoyed reading the past installments.

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  5. What a wonderful project. I didn’t have time to contribute to it, but I have a story of how I became more observant. For another time, I guess (it’s actually on my blog, under ‘personal.’)
    Saw this post on The Kehila Carnival, btw.

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