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Photo memes:
Small Series for Today’s Flowers
Bastille Fireworks for Window Views

Mesorah Project IV

Things, Things, a post on Devarim

The Outside World, a book review

Wekly recipe: Variations on a Zucchini Salad

Devarim: a Riddle

I received the Treppenwitz mug I had won in the Treppenwith 10k Challenge

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

What the world eats, a post by Shimshonit

You can read two posts about blogging and names this week; one at Torat Ezraand the other one at Shavua Tov

Leora posts a recipe for Pressed Salad

Orthodox Reformers?, a Jpost article about the Kolech (the leading Orthodox feminist organization in Israel) conference