Weekly Review


I made a speech for some colleagues who were retiring (see photo above), marked 60 papers and also wrote a few posts.

On My Blog

Photo memes:
Mauve Series for Today’s Flowers
Red Sign in French Village for Ruby Tuesday
Kitchen Window for Window Views

Mesorah Project II, thanks again Rachel

Links Galore, JPIX, KCC and Haveil Havalim

New Walking Challenge

Weekly Recipe: Low-Carb Salmon Loaf

Marking Papers and Having Fun

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

For July 4, Leora gives her own vision of the USA

Mrs.S. has a suggestion for the English-challenged

Shimshonit’s husband shares a recipe

Raizy summarizes the news

Baila’s daughters are on vacation

Shabbat Shalom!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Review

  1. Lovely photo!

    Once again, you were busy, busy. I like your salmon loaf recipe and will definitely try it.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  2. I liked Raizy’s post, too.

    Thanks for linking to my U.S.A. post. I had a too busy week, and I was happy to write a heartfelt post late last night.

    I wish I could see you closer up. Do you wear glasses all the time or just sometimes? Nice to talk about retiring colleagues. One can only hope younger teachers will be able to fill the shoes of those talented, devoted teachers who are now returning.

    • I just wear glasses for reading and being in front of a screen (computer and TV).
      The colleagues (a couple) who are retiring were outstanding English teachers and I am sorry to see them go.

  3. Shavua tov!
    I also enjoyed seeing what you look like in “real life”.

    How long did it take you to mark all those papers?

    Thanks for the link, and have a great week.

    • I spent a lot of time on those papers on Sunday and finished on Monday. Then I did all the adding up and entered the marks on a special secured website on Wednesday.

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