Hungarian Windows


Leading to the Orthodox synagogue in Budapest.

Mary has a new meme: Window Views. Check her blog for windows from all over the world.



19 thoughts on “Hungarian Windows

  1. Very impressive building. Been in Budapest – beautiful city – they renovated a lot of communist era building – and it is more and more impressive with the years!

  2. My husband’s great grandparents were from Budapest. I wonder if this is the synagogue where they worshipped? If you ever have the chance to visit the Museum of the Diaspora in Tel Aviv, you can walk through “mock ups” of some of the amazing synagogues of E. Europe. It is a fantastic experience.

  3. My friend said the synagogue was built in the 19th century. The reason it’s hidden is not so much for security as for the zoning laws. She’s been there, to this synagogue, and she’s going back to visit Hungary in a month.

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