21 thoughts on “Grimm Revisited

  1. The red roofs look like old Europe, where the buildings can be hundreds of years old. We don’t see much red on top in the northeastern US, but more prevalent in the southwest deserts. The buildings frame the outdoor place nicely, and the red umbrellas are inviting, I wouldn’t mind being at one of those tables as sip my java…

  2. This reminds me a bit of Quebec City. But I don’t remember quite that many windows. A bit of the flavor. Closest we get to Europe in North America.

  3. Now I’m “homesick”. I used to live in Austria and had friends in Germany that I visited fairly regularly. They lived in a town just like this. Where is it?

  4. Lovely photos. Parts of Strasbourg look like that too – it having hopped to and fro over the France/Germany border so often! Where were they taken?


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