Recipes: Summer Favorites


Quick Shabbat Treats: Tunisian Salad and Eggplant Caviar

Carrot Cumin Salad or Leora’s version

Israeli Potato salad

Quick Egg Treat

Stuffed Tomatoes

Salade Niçoise – Carbohydrate-Free Recipe

Eggplant Dishes: Eggplant Salad and Egplant Quiche

Carrot Cake (a Morrocan recipe) or Lemon-Glazed Carrot Cake

Orange Salad

7 thoughts on “Recipes: Summer Favorites

  1. Hi, I’m back!

    To answer your question, I mostly use a Canon Rebel XSI, which I believe is called a Canon EOS 450 D in Europe. But sometimes I use a Canon S5 IS when I want to carry a lighter weight camera.

  2. I made the potato salad. Except I didn’t include the chili pepper, and I substituted sage and basil for parsley. Using the lemon is what is new for me. Yum. I might eat it all up before I serve everyone else.

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