Roses in My Garden



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LOGO TODA'Y 02.jpg

10 thoughts on “Roses in My Garden

  1. I can smell the fragrance from here. A neighbor a few blocks away grows several roses in the front of her house, and my daughter and I were sniffing each one yesterday. Each has a unique fragrance; one was too strong for my tastes.

    Love the whitish pink one against the brick, with the little pink buds.

  2. What beauties, Ilana! I love the pink buds, and especially love the positioning and perspective of the rose and buds against the bricks.

  3. This picture just inspired me!
    it reminds me of the roses in my garden, it’s also against a brick wall.

    I love how the big rose is surrounded by little roses, it looks like a diamond ring surrounded by smaller diamonds.

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