Favorite Food Blogs


In Mol Aaran: A blog about food and words in Yiddish and English

Gofrolic: Deborah Gardner’s food blog

Baking and Books: Ariela’s blog, the title says it all

Cooking with Yiddische Mama: this blog has been quiet for a while but it contains fine recipes

Kosher Camembert: Kosher cooking inspired by international travel

Israeli Kitchen: Food, bread, and wine from my home in Israel


7 thoughts on “Favorite Food Blogs

  1. Wow…I’m so honored by the mention. Ironically (or is it bashert?), I was surfing some of the sites on my blogroll motzei shabbos yesterday and sat in stunned silence to see my new little blog among your faves. To be mentioned is one thing, but knowing that France holds a very special place in my heart makes it even more wonderful for me. Thank you so much. There are so many beautiful food blogs out there — I second those that your commentators have referred to (and have posted recipes from several of them) and am currently inspired by FoodBridge (http://www.sarahmelamed.com/)

    Best, Zahavah

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