What Is Your Breakfast?


I find breakfast to be the least inspiring of the three daily meals and only eat it because I have managed to convince myself I should. In fact I’d be quite happy just to gulp a few cups of coffee and then rush to work.

Yesterday I read an article about breakfast in a few European countries which made me think about my breakfast routine as well as wonder about yours. Aparently the traditional English breakfast I loved as a kid has now given way to cereals -something I couldn’t eat as I can’t stand soggy cereals floating in cold milk – and is only eaten on Sundays or in hotels. The Greeks seem to drink coffee and eat bourekas at work while the Germans and the Dutch still eat a sturdy breakfast; something I have witnessed on visits there.

My favorite breakfast consists of coffee, orange juice and brioche. However because of the high fat content of this traditional French bread, I normally just eat bread (toasted if I have the time) and butter instead.

Since the article mentioned many interesting but often unhealthy habits, I thought I would ask you about your breakfast so as to add variety in mine.


15 thoughts on “What Is Your Breakfast?

  1. Traditionally, in my country, we eat full meal on breakfast. Full meal means rice with a viand or two that mostly consist of veggie and fish. We still practise that in my family. However, some families don’t and do brunch (breakfast and brunch).

  2. I have a large mug of Earl Grey tea, followed by home-made muesli and occasionally a slice of bread and butter. I make my own bread, so there is a temptation to eat it at every meal. But I need the extra weight like the desert needs extra sand! So I try to wait to eat bread until lunchtime.
    I love Israeli breakfasts – cheeses, eggs, fresh bread, honey. Fabulous:-)

  3. Well, during the week I have a flask of coffee and an organic cereal bar on the train to work (it’s very early!) and then when I get to work, a piece of fruit (banana/apple) and another coffee, plus some water.

    On Sunday we do like to indulge a little – often its a toasted bagel, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, which is great for me, as I’ve usually had a hard gym or mountain biking session early on, so I get refuelled to start the rest of the day.

    Shabbat morning, it’ll often be muesli – a much better alternative to the corn flake type cereal (yes, I hate it when it goes soggy too!) and the disgusting chocolate covered cereal, which is just like eating grated chocolate mixed with milk – yuck!


  4. I try to eat oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes I have cereal with oat milk. Now that it’s spring, I sometimes eat something green from my garden (mint, sage, parsley, broccoli rabe) as I look to see if there’s some quick gardening chore I can do.

    I’m always drinking one cup of coffee.

    My daughter sometimes eats chulent for breakfast on Shabbat. Can you imagine – potatoes, beans, barley and lamb for breakfast? She loves it.

  5. My husband and I try to take in some protein at breakfast every morning, even if it’s only a slice of cheese after a bowl of cereal. Protein is said to aid concentration and keeps the appetite satisfied for longer. (Fiber helps with the latter, too.) I find breakfast cereals uninspiring (“shavings from a box,” Flannery O’Connor called them) and pancakes awfully sweet and fattening. On a daily basis I prefer muesli, granola, oatmeal, or eggs and vegetarian sausage. In my pre-kosher days I loved German breakfasts with fresh rolls, sliced meats and cheeses. I once had a Japanese-style breakfast that included a little each of fish, rice, and seaweed (surprisingly satisfying). My favorite is Israeli breakfast with bread, tuna, cheese, and Mediterranean salad. (I’ll pass on the chocolate spread, thanks.)

  6. Cornflakes and low-fat milk. I once ate oatmeal for six weeks straight and my cholesterol went down like 30 points (It wasn ‘t high to begin with, for some reason I had several rounds of blood tests during that period). Now I can’t even look at oatmeal.

  7. I remember my principal, in elementary school, he would give us our report cards, he would call each of us up, and before he handed it to us, he asked us if we had breakfast. If we didn’t have breakfast yet, then he would bring us down to the kitchen and have a breakfast prepared for us.

    I hear breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That for people who are dieting, it’s important to have breakfast in the morning. But for some reason breakfast always seems to be skipped over.

    I don’t like milk, so I agree with you about not liking cereal in soggy milk. I do eat plain cereal sometimes though. For breakfast I usually have pancakes, waffles or french toast – I have to get started on making homemade ones. But for now I use the Egg’s frozen ones that I put in the toaster oven.

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