Summer Stock Mediterranean Haven




Porquerolles is the largest, most westerly of the three islands in the Îles d’Hyères. It is a beautiful island I went there for the day on a very sunny April day.

Robin at around the island has created a new meme: Summer Stock Sundays.

Share your barbecues, your beaches, your cannonballing kids, that island sunset, an old pair of flip flops, anything that says summer to you.

Summer Stock Sunday JPEG.jpg.jpeg

13 thoughts on “Summer Stock Mediterranean Haven

  1. What breathtaking views! Thanks for capturing them and sharing them with us. The trees framing the horizon captures my attention. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to recline in a hammock and just gaze?

  2. I like your perspective of observer who reaches views far away without being on the stage. Beautiful! Thank you!

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