Early Weekly Review


Since the festival of Shavuot starts tonight, I won’t be blogging for at least two days. That’s why I am posting this early roundup.

On My Blog

Photo memes:
Get Well Flowers (and Card) for Today’s Flowers
First Cherries for Ruby Tuesday
Combining Old and New for Window Views

His Father’s Paradise, a book review

Local Jewish Community: Chalon

Weekly Recipe: Bulgur Chili

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

This month’s edition of KCC (the Kosher Cooking Carnival) is online

Shavuot When One Learns All The Jews In One’s Town Were Killed, Leora introduces us to S. Y. Agnon’s through a few extracts related to Shavuot

Shimshonit writes about a very special wedding in Efrat

The cheesecake above was made yesterday following Mom in Israel’s 7-Minute Low-Fat Microwave Cheesecake recipe

5 thoughts on “Early Weekly Review

    • I did yesterday and again this morning after a night in the fridge (the cake not me). It seems perfect! Can’t wait to try!
      I also had to cook it longer than 5 minutes though.

  1. I really enjoyed your post on Chalon.

    Thank you for linking to the Agnon story on Shavuot. I have become an Agnon fan. Need to get brave enough to order his short stories in Hebrew.

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