The Coffee Dilemmas


I love coffee and usually drink four to five cups a day. I use a traditional drip coffeemaker with a programmable digital clock which I set in the evening. My favorite blends include one from Kenya and another one which combines Kenyan and Indian beans. I buy them at the local stores.

My routine only differs on Fridays when I make a big pot and pour it into a vaccuum flask which enables me to drink hot coffee on Shabbat mornings.

As I have mentioned elsewhere I am spending a couple of weeks in a friends’ flat and the problem is that they do not have a regular coffemaker. Only the husband drinks coffee and he uses one of these new coffee brewing systems., the Senseo coffee machine.

To the non-coffee drinker this might look like a detail but it isn’t so simple.

– First I had to learn to use the machine properly so as to make a big bowl in the morning – as opposed to an espresso kind of cup, the type which is made after lunch.

– I also needed to identify which pods to use for morning coffees and which ones to use for the post-lunch beverage since the sizes are different.

– Then there is the flavor issue. Most of these pods are manufactured by Douwe Egberts®, by no means my favorite brand. Alternative pods exist but apparently the blends are not necessarily the same as for the drip coffeemakers.

– Lastly, there is the Shabbat issue; one which I need to have solved by tomorrow. I have the feeling that this espresso type of coffee isn’t meant to sit in a vaccuum flask for hours before it is drunk.

4 thoughts on “The Coffee Dilemmas

  1. I drink a lot of tea on Shabbat.

    During the week, I use a French press. I grind my own coffee beans. Both the French press and coffee bean grinder are small, so they are portable.

    Yes, non-coffee drinkers don’t get all this! That machine looks daunting.

  2. That machine looks daunting.
    It is! After lunch it took me ages (and a few pods) before I got it right and I still don’t understand where I went wrong in the first place.

  3. My husband loves the french press as well. Me, I have an occasional cup of instant. I have no idea what to advise you about Shabbat. I can say this: if you don’t figure something out, you better have some tylenol or advil handy, because you are going to have one big headache.

    BTW, hope you’re feeling better.

  4. if you don’t figure something out, you better have some tylenol or advil handy, because you are going to have one big headache.
    Exactly what I fear.
    I am doing fine thanks.

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