Early 20th Century




Two days ago, for Ruby Tuesday, I showed you the inside of the place where I am spending a couple of weeks. Today, for Window Views, I have chosen to show you the outside of this early 20th century building.

Mary has a new meme: Window Views. Check her blog for windows from all over the world.


Red Summer Dessert


Raspberries or strawberries, or a mixture of both.
French meringue
Red fruit coulis or single cream
Caster sugar (otional)
Mint to garnish

Wash and dry the fruit. Break the meringues into small pieces. Put the fruit in individual serving bowls. Sprinkle a little sugar. Add the pieces of meringue. Top with coulis, single cream or a bit of both. Add mint leaves to garnish.

My favorite is with the mixture of fruit. This dessert is quite versatile in that, depending on whether you add cream or not, you can serve it at the end of any kind of meal.