A Toy and A Challenge


I had already read how Trep had come to wear a pedometer clipped to his belt and how this had led him to walk more. I had toyed with the idea of getting one for myself to make sure I took enough exercise but it had remained wishful thinking.

Until I read another post of Trep’s on the subject this morning. This time he is organizing a walking challenge. The idea is to try to walk at least 10,000 steps per day for just over a month. You’ll find all the procedure and the details in his post. It is simple and easy.

Since I have some time off-sick and am supposed to walk on flat ground to avoid phlebitis, I reckoned this time was as good as any to start wearing a pedometer and count my steps. In addition I like the idea of a challenge and the fact that other people are joining in.

So tonight I went to a sporsts store, bought the cheapest (a mere 10€) and simplest pedometer they had (the one in the photo above), set it and clipped it to my belt.

It was already quite late in the day so I have only walked a humbling 419 steps – mainly round the kitchen – but am thinking of walking round the block to see how many steps I can add.

10 thoughts on “A Toy and A Challenge

  1. 10€ – that looks like Monopoly money to me.

    If it gets you exercising in a good way, sounds great to me. I’ve been digging up my garden (the weeds and compost, anyway) when I feel the need for a workout.

      • You have dig with your knees, not your back. I bet there is something somewhere on how to dig without backache… I find it a pleasure, like I find shoveling snow.

        I did get a backache shlepping my camera in the front and a backpack on the back last Sunday. And carrying all sorts of items my little girl was given. The little girl (my daughter), meanwhile, was complaining about her legs.

        When my back starts to hurt even a little, I do some yoga stretches. And breathe.

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