Unwelcome Comment: A Blogger’s Dilemma


A few weeks ago I reviewed the Koren Sacks Siddur which was due to be released this month. The editor kindly told me via email they had linked to my blog on the Press/Reviews page of their new siddur website, which rather pleased me.

On Friday morning, however, a completely different comment was added to the post mentioned above. It read Buy it here and linked to an online Judaice store. Apart from this there was nothing else, not even an email indicating who at the store had posted the link.

I found the procedure rather distasteful and indelicate. Therefore I visited the site, found the contact page and left a message indicating that since they had neither bothered to ask me beforehand nor left an email address I had chosen to spam the comment.

Do you think I overreacted? How would you have responded?

9 thoughts on “Unwelcome Comment: A Blogger’s Dilemma

  1. We’re bloggers, not storefronts. The only commercial interests that deserve endorsements on our blogs are the ones we choose to endorse ourselves. I concur with everyone above.

  2. Actually, I think you were more gracious than I would have been. I wouldn’t have even given them the courtesy of the email – just spammed the comment.

  3. There are times when I let someone advertise on my site (by allowing a link in a comment or they are guest posting). This is when I have already established contact with them as a human being. Or they have paid me to do so (I have one ad in my sidebar and a few links in my footer). If they don’t fall under either of those two categories, into spam they go.

    I wonder if your email falls on deaf ears. Or if they will wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak, and learn that leaving links like that is bad for business instead of promoting business.

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