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Alpine Flowers in a Public Garden for Today’s Flowers
Red Incense Sticks for Ruby Tuesday
Khaki Windows for Window Views

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Hubled by Limitations

My Mom is 70

Written with “Blood and Tears”

Weekly recipe: Borscht revisited

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A few posts about Lag B’Omer in israel:
Lag B’Omer, a post written by Shimshonit and posted at Frum from Rebirth
Things I Love about Lag B’Omer at Treppenwitz
Pyromania, a post by Baila
Smoked tuna and other, er, delicacies, Mrs. S. interviews a typical Israel teenager about Lag B’Omer

Women to the Back of the Plane, Michael discusses Haredi misogyny

Chives, Columbine and Bleeding Heart, beautiful and delicate flowers at Leora’s