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I have just finished reading a book entitled Les meileurs régimes du monde (the best diets in the world). The idea behind the book was to try and understand why in some regions of the world (Crete, the island of Okinawa, Caucasus and the Hunza valley in Pakistan) people die old. The two authors of the book examined their daily diets and attempted to draw conclusions that are applicable to the average Westerner.

Here are what they have come up with:

– Lots of fruit and vegetables
– Pulses, such as lentils or beans, combined with rice or wheat in various forms.
– More Omega-3 fatty acids than in our traditional diets, provided by fish (mostly salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines) and nuts.
– Meat, especially poultry, two or three times a week.
– Tofu and yogurts.
– Herbs and spices to enhance the taste and for their nutritients.

Are these recommendations you are ready to follow? Why or why not?

9 thoughts on “Healthy Diet

  1. I have severe doubts about the tofu recommendations. My understanding is that the fermented soy is OK (tempeh?), but most tofu in the U.S. is not healthy, not digestible.

    I do try to eat the fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and fish. And I eat some chicken and meat. I don’t do yogurt as much, but I do like feta. I must crave salt. Love herbs. It’s what I grow the most next to flowers.

  2. I remembered what you had once written about soy but I have not had time to investigate any further.
    I buy herbs, must really try to grow some, not just buy the seeds.

  3. I’ve read that the typical Mediterranean diet is the healthiest and most balanced. Supposedly, olive oil in moderation is very beneficial.

  4. wait, what is this about tofu in the US?

    i have just read Mark Bittman’s book “Food Matters” and he says largely the same thing. He places a lot of it within the context of reducing our carbon footprint – reducing our consumption of meat will have the same kind of impact as less driving if we all did it.

    we eat pretty healthfully in our family (of course, if you look at my last blog post, it’s about the s’mores we ate, but that’s a different story!) but i know how hard it is for people to avoid processed foods…

    • Don’t worry about “spoiling the party”. You and Phyllis are welcome to disagree on this blog. Thanks for providing links so that people might be able to forge their own opinion.

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