Alpine Flowers in a Public Garden




I wish I knew what these flowers are called. The garden where I photographed them a couple of weeks ago had an Alpine section but had no labels indicating what the flowers are. The only ones I can identify are the iris in the top photo.

For more flowers from around the globe, Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. and managed by Santilli and Denise bc.

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16 thoughts on “Alpine Flowers in a Public Garden

  1. I know the first one is called Iris (maybe the same in english) The last one; visit Gunnilla from Sweden, she is participating on the meme, and have that flower in her garden!

    Beautiful flowers all of them!

  2. The Pulsatilla is showing up on homeopathic remedy websites. Looks like the only left to identify is the middle.

    The pompomy pink one looks like a cross between an aster and a bachelor button and a dahlia. Wonder what it is?

    Lovely selection of flowers.

  3. These are all so pretty and lovely photos too. I only know what the middle one is called in finnish and that would not be much help to you. The pulsatilla is one of my favourites. Such a special looking flower.

  4. A guess: is it thrift? Maritima Splendens? I tried growing thrift once, but it didn’t last, perhaps because our soil here is too acidic, and thrift prefers more alkaline soil.

    • I’ve just checked what a “thrift” is and that could well be it. Yet because it grows in the Alps I’d be temted to say that it’s a “Armérie des Alpes (Armeria alpina)”.

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