Advice Needed


I set off for hospital last Sunday I took a couple of books with me. I knew I would have some time for reading but two seemed enough as I’d also spend a lot of time sleeping; which I did.

My first choice was Losing the Rat Race, Winning at Life by Rabbi Marc D. Angel. My friend Michael is a fan of Rabbi Angel’s and I reckoned that a short book on a topical issue would be a good start. It was a fine choice. The book is easy to read and contains numerous anecdotes and advice which makes it accessible and relevant.

The other one was The Preacher by Camilla Lackberg. I enjoy Scandinavian thrillers and I guessed I would need something easy that kept my mind off what was happening to my body and the pain I might feel. I was not disappointed. The book is not grand but it served its purpose quite nicely.

I now have about four full weeks on my hands – on my back (hope this doesn’t sound too rude) would be a more accurate description of my position lately – so I need your help. Can you advise me on books you have read recently and that you’d recommend?

Of course, I’ll also be visiting your blogs more often but I’m glad to have time for pleasurable book reading too.