Sepia Neptune


Can anyone guess in what country the photo was taken?

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18 thoughts on “Sepia Neptune

  1. I’m guessing Greece (although I don’t know if he was Greek or Roman). As always, sepia adds some style and class to old buildings. Perhaps an old -fashioned dignity you might say…

  2. Well, Neptune is the Roman God of the Sea, so Italy would be an obvious guess. However, Roman mythology extends pretty far. A couple years ago, they found a statue of Neptune along with other artifacts like a bust of Caesar in France at the bottom of the Rhone near a town that Caesar founded so I imagine this could be from a lot of places in Europe.

  3. Hungary? Belgium? Probably not France, or you wouldn’t have us guessing. It’s a beautiful photo.

    I tried to convert my phlox to sepia, but I didn’t care much for the result, so I didn’t post it. I will probably post the phlox on Sunday for Today’s Flowers.

  4. What a lovely sepia of the statue.

    I have no idea…I want to say Italy, but I don’t think it is there.

    I will go off the wall and say Israel.

  5. I looked for context clues in the photo, but couldn’t make any out. The signage is similar to what we have in Israel, but the architectural style is decidedly not. The modern building in the left background juxtaposed against the older style buildings in the foreground was interesting, but still didn’t offer any hints. The man in the jacket was overdressed for Israel too, and a little classier than most American men would dress; hints at Europe. and the car is obstructed by the statue, so I couldn’t guess at a make.

    Will you tell us?

  6. My first thought was Italy. My husband guessed Greece; he’s probably correct. πŸ˜‰

    The sepia tone gives this classic statue an even more classic look. I like how you kept some green on the trees.

  7. ilana, I was going to say what Bryan said. Neptune is the Roman god of the seas. In Greek he’s called Poseidon. So I guess he’s in Italy. Good photo in sepia! Thanks for playing! πŸ™‚

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