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I love to find appetizing recipes on the Internet. Recently two recipes caught my fancy: almond-lemon macaroons on Mimi’s blog and chicken with black olives and tomatoes on Mom in Israel’s blog.

The first one was part of the first seder menu. I served it after Israeli potato salad and prune and preserved lemon tagine. To present with the macaroons, I had made orange salad.

I followed Mimi’s recipe to the letter except that I chose not to dip them in chocolate. The proportions were just perfect. This is really a recipe I recommend for people who, like me, love ground almond.

I cooked the chicken last Friday afternoon for the Shabbat lunch. It is both simple and lovely. I used green as well as black olives to add a bit of color to the dish. Concerning the canned tomatoes, I guess that it is best to barely cover the chicken so as to make a thicker sauce. I also reckon you can put more than 3 cloves of garlic for a whole cut-up chicken; I personnally put 3 cloves for only two pieces of chicken. I added fresh coriander to the pates and served it with rice. It was perfect.

I have copied and pasted these two recipes and have included them in the recipe folder of my computer.

6 thoughts on “Recipe Feedback

  1. I would so what you did, by adding green olives, and might also add artichoke hearts.

    I have this thing for them…lol.

  2. My daughter made three (!) batches of those macaroons, and they were a huge hit with everyone who tasted them.
    (And yes, she DID dip them in melted chocolate…)

  3. Thank you for mentioning the macaroons, Ilana-Davita. We loved them too! My son-in-law hates chocolate, so when we had them on Pesach I did half with and half without. Even the non-chocolate ones got gobbled up.

    I’m going to try MiI’s chicken/olive recipe this coming Shabbat – and add artichokes hearts too. Good idea, Jewwishes.

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