Latest Flowers




We now have tulips, vinca or periwinkle, and Venus’s car also known as bleeding heart, Dutchman’s trousers, or lyre flower.

For more flowers from around the globe, Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. and managed by Santilli and Denise bc.

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15 thoughts on “Latest Flowers

  1. Bleeding heart has so many names! Mine finally sprang up, but it’s still green. Some neighbors have the hearts already.

    Do you remember last year, when you told me it was called sacre d’couer, and I gave Batya a fright, because I called my post “My Bleeding Heart Bled”?

  2. One of my favourite spring flower, Dicentra spectabilis, how lovely is its gracefully arching spike of weeping pink hearts.
    Your yellow Tulips are searching for the light, I love the way they snake up towards it.

  3. A very nice series of flowers, the bleeding hearts are always dear to me as we had them in my garden when I was young. Thank you so much for sharing them in Today’s Flowers.

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