(Short) Weekly Review


On My Blog

I only took part in one photo meme: Prunus in a Park for Today’s Flowers

No Words, confronting a student’s death

Back Online after the Pesach break

Matchmaking for an exchange visit

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Praying the siddur at Shimshonit

Orthodox Women and Body Image at My Random Diatribes

Post Pesach Tips by Mom in Israel

Spring in New York City, Leora and her daughter went to NY

Learn about Jewish Ethics On Facebook


6 thoughts on “(Short) Weekly Review

  1. Have a Shabbat Shalom. Glad you enjoyed my trip to New York City! I am not sure if I am a big city person, prefer natural settings like forest and beach, but the circus was quite a show. I hope my daughter will have good memories of our trip.

    Love the photo: is it your backyard? Looks cozy.

    I looked at the link on Facebook and Jewish Ethics; at first, I thought it was about the ethics of Facebook. I’ve grown uncomfortable with Facebook, for a number of reasons, some of which might fall in the ethics category.

  2. Facebook, in brief: the issue with the Terms of Service, where one day they said they own all your pics and the next day they revoked that and went back to the old Terms of Service was one example.

    I also had an uncomfortable situation with a friend of a friend in an exchange (I said something about Orthodox schools and she started going on about other denominations’ schools–the details aren’t important). On Facebook, only a few people see the conflict (her friends, who may not even be such close friends). On a blog, the whole wide world sees it. I prefer being totally open. On Twitter, you are lucky if someone catches one of your Tweets, but everything is very public (you can search for any Tweet that’s not locked).

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