Ready for Bedikat Chametz?


– The fridge and freezer are clean.
– The car has been hoovered.
– The pots and pans I’ll need in the next few days are kosher.
– I’ve bought new plates and cutlery for both meat and dairy food.
– The oven self-cleaned this morning.
– The new toothbrush is patiently waiting in the bathroom.
– I only need to get a few more vegetables and fruit tomorrow.
– I have a hairdresser appointment for tomorrow early afternoon.
– The cooking should be over by 6 pm.

I only hope I haven’t forgotten anything.


7 thoughts on “Ready for Bedikat Chametz?

  1. Chag Sameach! Love the list. Especially the “hoovered” car. (We would say “vacuum”).

    Maybe next week you’ll tell us what you cooked? Enjoy.

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