It’s Already Friday


On My Blog

Various Memes:
First Viola & Buds for Today’s Flowers
Tea Shop for Ruby Tuesday
Last Sunday Sepia Scene
Nature Notes: By The Canal

Children Are Likely To Be Less Healthy Than Their Parents

Pesach Musings 1

Weekly Recipe: Israeli Salad

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Recipes for Pesach: a great list at Leora’s

Adjusting To a New Community by MominIsrael hosted by an Englishman in New Jersey

Tzniut at Shimshonit’s


2 thoughts on “It’s Already Friday

  1. It’s a good title: “It’s Already Friday.” I am getting a little tired of “Week in Review.”

    Thanks for the link to the recipe list. And wasn’t that fun, Graham’s post? I still haven’t met him in person, but I think he will be at an event in April at the Edison, NJ Public Library, so I hope to see him there.

    Your lovely flowers look familiar. Can’t name them, however. Love the bits of sunlight.

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