Nature Notes: By The Canal




A favorite Sunday walk in my area is along a canal which joins two rivers: the Somme and the Scheldt. As the weather was bright and sunny last week, we went walking there and I took a few photos.

Has your area changed? How do you feel the awakening of spring?

Michelle of Rambling Woods started a new meme called “Nature Notes.” This is my firs contribution. Have a look at her blog for more “Nature Notes”.



11 thoughts on “Nature Notes: By The Canal

  1. Thank you for participating in Nature Notes. I know there is confusion about the day of the week, but I honestly can’t find a ‘good’ day for everyone, so I decided to post the meme on Saturday and leave it for the week so that anyone can post at any time.

    I love the area that you have to take a walk in and find it very interesting that mallard ducks are there as they seem to be everywhere.

    It’s early yet here in western NY so not many things are budding yet, but hopefully soon..

  2. Thank you for taking us on your canal walk. I’m wondering how the sides of the canal appear. Where are you walking? Maybe you could photograph that for us sometime.

    There’s a long canal near here, from New Brunswick to Philadelphia (does it go all the way to Philly? I don’t know, but it was supposed to in the olden days). I should go there sometime and take some photos.

    And how old is the canal? (here I am asking history questions on a nature post!)

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  4. I love walks along the river too, there is so much to see. My pussywillows are not that far along either. We have a weeping one and when it turns all yellow my black dog walks around it and comes back in the house all striped. I know it’s really spring when she is yellow 😉

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