Nature Notes: Festival of Spring


The festival of Pesach, the Jewish word for Passover, has five different names. One of them is Chag Ha-Aviv, that is to say the Festival of Spring.

The choice of the season is found in the Torah: “Observe the month of Spring and keep the Passover unto the L-rd your G-d, for in the month of Spring the L-rd your G-d brought you out of Egypt by night” (Devarim 16:1).

What spring is to Nature, the Exodus is to the Jewish people. In spring, we witness the awakening of Nature to new life after the long and dark winter months. Similarly, Exodus marks the awakening of the children of Israel to new life after long and dark years in slavery.

The awakening of Nature is already quite tangible in my part of the world with new tender green buds and flowers (narcissi and daffodils) in my garden. Even the quality of the light seems to have changed. I hope that the photo above captures all this.

Has your area changed? How do you feel the awakening of spring?

Michelle of Rambling Woods started a new meme called “Nature Notes.” This is my firs contribution. Have a look at her blog for more “Nature Notes”.


5 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Festival of Spring

  1. Your beautiful photo does capture the essence of nature’s awakening, and metaphorically the Exodus.

    My crocus are beginning to show their pretty faces, and some of my tulips are. But, the varied temperatures are also causing a “false” spring here. One day it is warm, the next the temperatures drop 40 degrees.

    I love spring, and its freshness.

  2. This is perfect for Nature Notes. I have a ‘Mr Linky’ at the bottom of my Nature Notes post to add your blog web site to, but I already added your link. Spring really is a time of awakening and you captured that beautifully. Thank you so much for participating…Michelle

  3. Oh, my little daffodils are trying so hard to push their way up!

    I’m tempted to write yet another Nature’s Note. I have some beautiful pics from Tuesday, when I spent some time in the park with my daughter.

    So nice how you worked the daffodils in with Pesach as the spring holiday. And with awakening and freedom from slavery. Lovely.

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