Haggadah Survey


Pesach is not only about cleaning, it a festival which commemorates the liberation of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt.

It is mainly celebrated at home through the seder, a ritual feast held on the first and the second nights of the holiday of Pesach. For the seder, we use a Haggadah, a book book containing the passages dealing with the theme of the Exodus. The reading of the Haggadah is based on the verse, “You shall tell your son on that day: it is because of what the Lord did for me when I came forth out of Egypt” (Shemot 13:8).

There are hundreds of version of the Haggadah and people have their favorites. Mine is Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s Haggadah. it is made of two different part. At the back of the book, we find the Haggadah in Hebrew typography, with an English translation and a running commentary by Rabbi Sacks. At the other end of the book are Rabbi Sacks’s Essays on Pesach. The essays are extremely insightful and help us see the relevance of this holiday for modern man.

Which is your favorite Haggadah? Do you use a special one for any reason?

Leora mentions a toy book called “My First Haggadah”.

7 thoughts on “Haggadah Survey

  1. Thank you so much to the link to “My First Haggadah.” Families with small children will enjoy using it.

    I should really go to our local bookstore and select some haggadah that appeals to me. Or poke around on Amazon. For years, I’ve used “A Different Night.” But it’s not so different to me anymore.

    My cousin had one called the “Polychrome Haggadah,” where each passage was colored according to when it was written. I loved that one. Not sure of its real name.

    I could excited about a new haggadah, much more than I do about cleaning.

  2. Tuvia: I think it is the Maxwell Haggaddah.
    Leora: Funny you should mention “A Different Night” since it is one I’d like to have a look into. Pity I can’t just pop in and have a look at yours!

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