Post-Purim Weekly Review


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End of Purim Quiz:
Question 6
Question 7

Photo Memes:
Older Toys for Ruby Tuesday
Swedish Watery Wednesday
Dublin Museum for Sepia scenes

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Weekly Recipe: Eggplants with Beans and Mushrooms

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Another Landmark in Jewish Life, Another Lesson Learned at Cynthia’s

Seaweed for Fighting Disease at Leora’s

New Matresses at Trepp’s: part I, part II complete with Zahava’s contribution

Thoughts on Parashat Ki Tissa by Rabbi Marc D. Angel


3 thoughts on “Post-Purim Weekly Review

  1. Thanks for the seaweed link.

    I find the comments on Cynthia’s post quite interesting and varied. So many ideas. Everything is indoctrination, so why not teach our children time-honored principles that continue to shine, especially when one takes the time to learn properly.

  2. Leora: I also liked this post mainly for the same reasons. Everything Cynthia has written on their journey into Orthodoxy after being Reform Jews for decades is fascinating, especially one about going kosher.
    jewwishes: Thanks for the kind words. I’ll try and do it again with another holiday.

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