Purim Quiz: Question 6


Since Leora and jewwishes only hinted to the answer so as to let other people reply to question 5, I have rephrased it and added another one.

Why are we told to remember what Amalek did to the Hebrews when they came out of Egypt on the Shabat before Purim?

What does Amalek stand for? What does it mean for you today?

4 thoughts on “Purim Quiz: Question 6

  1. Hmm

    Amalek is Haman – Haman descends from Agag, the Amalekite king.

    Is this the answer you were looking for ?

    In any case chag sameach.


  2. Good phrasing, I agree with Leora.

    Your first question: Again, I will let others answer, due to my research.

    Your second question: Amalek is literally thought to mean “valley dweller”. It also stands for a person who is a giant, so therefore, the plural would be a tribe whose male individuals were atypically tall.

    But, I realize you aren’t asking for that answer, but the symbolism, etc. I will give a hint: the word archetypal enemy of Jews throughout the centuries.

  3. Jewwishes, thanks for the literal translation of Amalek. Emek means valley; I guess that does sound similar to Amalek. (I like the etymology of words, would be curious to hear more).

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