White Flowers: Inside and Outside



For once the photos are recent. The white azalea I got for my birthday ten days ago as for the snowdrops they are spreading in the garden.

For more flowers from around the globe, Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. and managed by Santilli and Denise bc.

LOGO TODA'Y 02.jpg

32 thoughts on “White Flowers: Inside and Outside

  1. Happy birthday. Nice to get flowers. I just photographed a neighbor’s snowdrops. But hers are barely out of the ground. Both are pretty white flowers.

  2. I planted snowdrops for the first time this year, can hardly wait for them to bloom. I never think of azaleas as white, although I know there are some. Very pretty photos.

  3. Snowdrops are not available in Australia, and my heart yearns for them . I have loved them since earlist childhood.
    Beautiful flowers and photos.

  4. First of all,
    Happy Belated Birthday.

    I love snowdrops they smell so beautiful, you are lucky that they are popping up. nothing like that around here

  5. Belated birthday wishes!

    What lovely snowdrops! The weather has been too frigid here for the snowdrops to bloom. The only snowdrops we have had are the icy cold ones. 🙂

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