21 thoughts on “Tea for Sepia Scenes

  1. This shot works in any tone… color or monochrome. I’d love to know what’s in those canisters. Probably something either truly wonderful or truly bizarre, eh?

  2. The jar labels look so stylish in the light coral sand colored sepia. The subtlety of this color doesn’t detract – this speaks softly and encourages you to consider the items, while something more garish might encourage you to not bother. So the soft sepia works so well…

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  4. oh my these look just fabulous. I like the angle of the shot…the perspective is perfect!! I too agree that the shiny lids are very interesting.

    What a marvelous entry and wonderful capture for sepia.

    I apologize for being so late…but, it’s been a crazy week,

    Happy weekend:-))))

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