How I Started the Holidays


Car-Related Post

I bumped my car. On Saturday evening I went with some friends to the restaurant and as I left the car space after the meal I didn’t notice a piece of marble on the ground and really damaged the car. I obviously had to phone the insurance which was quite something since I wished to contact a real person rather than a voicemail system. It took me ages but I did manage to talk to a real human being in the end.

I played with my new toy (see photo above). I got this for my birthday and since I had no unknown place to go to I used it to visit my parents yesterday – with another car obviously. I know it’s pretty stupid but I wanted to check the settings I had chosen.

Yet now that I have to wait for the car to be repaired and because of the unplanned cost I will defintely spend the holidays here.

3 thoughts on “How I Started the Holidays

  1. Oy. Not fun. There are parking lots in Highland Park that I refuse to use, because I once “bumped” my van into a wall late at night in a tiny parking lot. I would rather walk a block or two.

    But that wouldn’t have helped your situation. Good luck, stay calm.

  2. Leora: I’ll have to do the same (park elsewhere) since these parking lots won’t disappear. In fact this marble slab is the base of a huge plant pot but is too low to be seen.
    jewwishes: In fact I feel more peeved than angry.

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