Garden of Beasts


by Jeffery Deaver

Ny mob hit man Paul Schuman is presented with the following deal: he will be sent to jail unless he accepts to asassinate one of Hitler’s most important ministers during the 1936 olympics. Since he doesn’t really have the choice he leaves for Berlin but, even before he can fulfill his mission, he becomes the prime suspect in a murder.

Paul Schuman is a killer with a conscience who only kills bad guys and oddly enough the German police officer who is after him is also different from the German policemen who have succombed to the Nazi fever. Oddly enough the two men are closer to each other than to their respective fellow citizens.

The title is a reference to Tiergarten, a large park in the centre of Berlin, but also to what Hitler’s Germany had become in 1936. This novel is a page turner and one I would recommend to people who love thrillers as well as to those who enjoy historical novels.