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Photo Memes:
Red Little Girl for Ruby Tuesday
From And On The IFC for Watery Tuesday
Sepia Trinity College Dublin for Sepia Scenes

The Lives of Others – The French Way
Big Brother at my school

The Warsaw Ghetto Little Boy
Facts and reflections about a well-known photo

A Few Thoughts About Commenting
To comment or not to comment

Choosing a School
My brother and his wife are looking for a school for their daughter

A recipe for Indian flat bread


Parshat Mishpatim:
The Responsibility of Choice by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Thoughts on Parashat Mishpatim by Rabbi Marc D. Angel
Shabbat Shalom: Parshat Mishpatim by Shlomo Riskin

Baila is back to blogging so is a Living Nadneyda
Mrs. S’s son is also a movie-maker
Leora encourages us to add sea vegetables to our diet