Choosing a School


My niece in Hong Kong is almost two so her parents are looking for a preschool for her. Since I am a teacher, they turned to me asking me about the EYFS (The Early Years Foundation Stage) – a set of Welfare Requirements and a set of Learning and Development Requirements in the UK- and about Montessori schools.

For such a young child, I tend to believe that developing potentials is more important than acquiring knowledge per se. In other words I think it is better to prepare the mind for learning through different methods and techniques. That’s why I’d favor the Montessori method.

Since my brother and his wife are expatriates I gather my niece will mix with more different children at the International Montessori school rather than at a school with a UK-based curriculum. It is probably preferable as in the long run they will end up going back to France, not England.

What’s more my maternal grandmother, who was quite modern for her times, sent my mother and her siblings to a Montessori school. They have lovely memories of their years there and did well academically later. I also find they are well-balanced people who have managed to keep a sound equilibrium between personal development and academic demand with their own children.

What do you expect from a school? How did you choose for your own children?

For a broader approach of this issue, you might find the following useful: Questions to Ask When Choosing a School for Your Children, a post by Mom in Israel.

4 thoughts on “Choosing a School

  1. Regarding Montessori, different Montessoris are run differently. There is one here, for example (not the Jewish one here), where the director was reported to be a bit cold, so that turned off a parent who was checking out the school.

    We have a lot of choices for high school, but before that, only one school in our area meets our hashgafa (Jewish outlook?). Luckily, it has been OK for our kids. For high school, we’ve sent our son to the best Orthodox Jewish high school we could find in New Jersey. They seem to be challenging him (though he still seems to have less work than my daughter, who is in first grade, if that makes any sense…because he does it with ease, whereas she struggles).

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