A Few Thoughts About Commenting


– Most people comment on new posts not old ones. Thus, because of the upcoming Koren siddur, my post on the subject is read several times a day but never commented. The same is true of my post about the movie Waltz with Bashir which has been read regularly for the last few weeks but never commented upon since July.

– Do you get many spams? I hardly get any and therefore it is rather easy to add comments on this blog provided you don’t include more than two or three links – the default setting I have chosen. However I sometimes wonder about a few people’s blogs where it is harder to comment than it was to go through the Berlin Wall before 1989. Admittedly Blogger has made the letters you are meant to enter easier to copy; you no longer feel like you are writing a coded message for an undercover spy yet some of these codes are still pretty (too) long.

– In addition, one of the Blogger options for commenting is not Mac-friendly and makes it impossible for me to comment. It is the feature where a small window pops up after the comment and asks you to copy some letters before you can publish your comment, not the most usual one with a bigger window on the left. I have sent a few mails to the bloggers concerned and apologize if I have forgotten to answer some of you who have commented on one of my posts and have the feeling I never visited them back. I did but couldn’t add my two cents.


7 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts About Commenting

  1. I think that some people (especially if they are neither bloggers themselves nor regular blog readers) just don’t realize that blog owners see EVERY comment – even on the older posts. Maybe that’s why they don’t bother commenting on the old posts.

  2. A beautiful photo. Does this mean spring will come?

    Akismet rocks (anti-spam). I assume it comes with your wordpress.com account? So I just have to remember to check it every so often. I increased allowed links to 2, so I have less fishing out of spam to do.

    I think bloggers are more comfortable leaving comments than your average person who finds you via a search. So your Waltz with Bashir visitor may be reading but may not be comfortable leaving a note.

    My pet peeve is some European blogging systems with tons of ads. Takes a while to load, and ads blink on and off as I try to read.

    I hate Blogger for commenting on photos. You can see the text but not the photo.

  3. Do you have problems posting comments on my blog? I have a few people who resurrect themselves every few months to come on and rail against me completely out of nowhere, so I keep the policing of comments up. Let me know if you’re having problems, though!

  4. Sometimes if I’m catching up on reading blogs and want to comment on an older post, I don’t bother because even if I know the blogger is reading the comment, the conversation has moved on to a newer post by the other commenters.

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