12 thoughts on “Sepia Trinity College Dublin

  1. Wow, I’ve been there too. Twice.
    Once in my youth and once with my daughter and husband.
    To see the illuminated Book of Kells in the Long Room.
    Actually I found the exhibition best the first time. The Book laying in its glass mount with a guardian by its side.
    Last time were to much multicolored equipment.
    The beauty of the Book kind of disappeared.
    Both times we had lunch on the stairs around the open park with the arch.
    Dublin and Ireland have a huge room in my heart.
    From Felisol

  2. I haven’t been, alas. However, the sepia just wears so well on old stone and brick. It dulls the facade a bit, but it shows its well-worn looks better than mere color photography…

  3. I found out a few years ago I do have Irish heritage. I read Felisol’s comment about the Book of Kells – envious I am.
    I love the photo especially the fluffy pastel clouds in contrast to the massive stone scene below.

  4. oh my how exciting Ireland. I have never been. My oldest daughter was there last year. And my youngest and her family are going this year. What a coincidence this is. My SIL is in charge of the EMS over there.

    My you also picked a fantastic scene for sepia and you got a great shot!!:-)

  5. I love seeing universities in Europe, I feel like I’m looking at part of my heritage and roots. Beautifully rendered, the green and sepia are wonderful.

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