Ohel Leah



Ohel Leah is the oldest shul/synagogue in Hong Kong. It was built by Sir Jacob Sassoon and was opened in 1902. The original photo can be seen here.

Mary The Teach has created a new meme, Sepia Scenes. Click here to join in or learn how to apply a sepia tone to a photograph.


18 thoughts on “Ohel Leah

  1. It’s a beautiful building, Ilana! The sepia tone is excellent! I like it just as much as the full-color photo. Mr. Linky is up! I’m sorry, I thought I had it up already! 🙂

  2. I remember your posting this photo earlier. It looks lovely in sepia. Lots of Greek architectural details (I guess shul architecture has to borrow from elsewhere, there’s no consistency).

  3. Of all the places I’d expect to find an early 20th Century synagogue, I have to say Hong Kong wouldn’t be at the top of the list. But it’s a beautiful building!

  4. I like the design of the synagogue. Nice shot. Mine is up “beach” check it out if you have free time. It is my first entry here in Sepia Scene.

  5. lovely image. and such a contrast to all the modern, high rise buildings that surround the shul.

    and they have a good sunday night buffet just across the courtyard…

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