A Heart for Peace



It is well-known within Jewish circles, but unfortunately not elsewhere, that Jews will do for Arabs things that Arabs would never do for them. This morning’s edition of a French Jewish TV program has just provided us with one example.

This program is called La Source de Vie and is hosted by a French Orthodox rabbi Josy Eisenberg. It deals with all aspects of Jewish life in France and abroad.

This morning it presented the organisation A Heart for Peace at Hadassah Hospital where Palestinian children with congenital cardiopathy can be treated without paying and can receive the same level of care as Jewish or Arabic Israeli children. The children’s pathology requires advanced heart surgery which is performed in the cardiothoracic surgery department of Hadassah Hospital.

This organisation has two goals. First and foremost its aim is to save lives; a duty both for a Jew and a doctor. The second objective is to lessen hostility towards the Jews through the Palestinian families whose children are saved thanks to a Jewish hospital. Although this is by no means an easy task, it seems worth trying.

6 thoughts on “A Heart for Peace

  1. I believe that is how Brigitte Gabriel (a Christian from Lebanon) got started supporting Israel; her mother was treated in an Israeli hospital. She learned of the discrepancies between the propaganda with which she was raised and how she and her family were actually treated by the Israelis.

  2. There’s another organization — Save a Child’s Heart — that is based in Israel that I visited when I was there for Birthright. They bring in children from the developing world, including Africa, Asia, but mostly children from Palestinian and Muslim areas. We met some very cute kids who are being helped by Jews reaching out and gathering resources, and it’s a very touching thing.

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