This Week’s Posts Here and Elsewhere



A personal review of Paradise Park.

This month’s edition of JPIX.

Memes I have taken part in:
Post-Snow Snowdrop for Today’s Flowers.
Red in Home Office for Rub Tuesday.
Watery Shots on Watery Day for Watery Wednesday.
Sepia Road for Sepia Scenes.

Reflections on education:
Getting out of the Rut?

An Asian recipe I have adapted.


Jew Wishes reviews a thriller.

Leora reminds us that Tu B’Shvat is a holiday for trees and shares memories of her bat-mitzvah.

The fruity festival not just for tree huggers, a Jewish Chronicle article on the next holiday . Recipes to celebrate Tu B’shvat. The bulgur wheat salad looks particularly appetizing.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Posts Here and Elsewhere

  1. Thanks for the links.

    It’s funny that you say it’s not just for tree huggers; most tree huggers (0utside of Israel) don’t even know about the holiday!

    I think these fruity recipes on those posts are too sweet for me. I’m trying to think, what would my kids like? They like berries, though the ones at this time of year aren’t too tasty.

    And thanks again for hosting JPIX.

  2. During the week, I visited some of the links you mentioned. I enjoyed reading Leora’s memories of her bat mitzvah.

    Thank you for mentioning me!

    Shabbat Shalom!

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