Getting out of the Rut?


Be warned; this is a kvetching post.

There are times when I am really fed up with teaching. This is one of these times. I teach six classes; three of them really get on my nerves, two are bearable and one is fine.

There are probably more than one reason for being in this state of mind:
– Teaching is not easy.
– Teaching in a very average public school is quite a strain.
– I have been teaching for 22 years, which is quite some time. Maybe I have just had enough of the whole thing.
– Some kids are really difficult to deal with and we get too little help either from the school administration or the authorities. Parents are voters and voters should not feel angry.
– Far more people reach high school than when I first started and what we ask from the students hasn’t changed much. Unfortunately English has not become easier in the meantime. Sadlly for the students, it has become more necessary to know at least one foreign language. But how do you teach a language to people who don’t know what verbs, nouns and adjectives are?
– It is disappointing and emotionally exhausting to try and find new ideas for people who couldn’t care less.

One of my collegues recently mentioned that she had gone back to college while still teaching. She started about three years ago and is in the last year of a BA in French and comparative literature. For instance last semester she studied The United States through the Eyes of Jewish Authors as part of the curriculum.

It dawned on me that this might be the solution. I should try and find something I’d like to study – this should not be a problem – enroll in one Parisian university and take the train once a week to learn something that would keep my mind busy and stop me from kvetching here and elsewhere.